Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer School Plans

We finished up our “school year” on April 15.  We’ve been on break for approximately 6 weeks now.   Olivia is taking full advantage of her break, staying in her pajamas most days.   Lindsey on the other hand is dressed and ready for the day early on (way TOO early I might add).    I’ve been catching up on scrapbooking, spring cleaning and gardening. 

Now it’s time to start thinking about summer school.  Yeah, I know it was a dreaded thing when I was in school.  However, our summer school is a lot more fun than “normal” summer school.  So, what’s on our agenda?

Science:  Lots of experiments planned.  I’ve been fortunate to find several chemistry kits at yard sales, the most promising being “Slimey Chemistry”.  Doesn’t that sound too fun?  So we’ll be using those on the back patio.

Crafts:   We’ve accumulated a lot of craft kits this past year.  Birthdays, Christmas, and yard sales have provided us with lots of crafting products, however our schedule didn’t leave a lot of time for actual crafting.   So we’ll be making lots of things.

Reading:   Olivia will be working on her reading comprehension and critical thinking skills with Reading Detective Beginning level.

Reading Detective® Beginning - Click for Preview

Lindsey will be reading through the Abeka Reading for Fun Enrichment Library.


Math:   Both girls will be using Abeka math this year. 3rd grade for Olivia and 1st for Lindsey.  Since the first 6 weeks tends to be review, our goal will be to knock out those lessons over the summer.  The purpose is two fold:  1) less loss of learned information, 2) we’ll be starting the “new” stuff when the school year starts.

We’ll be doing lots of trips to the park, and field trips, along with swimming lessons and a week at the local college as well.

I’m working on a couple of ideas for unit studies that would be fun for the summer as well.  Now if I can just flesh them out and make it happen!

What are your summer school plans?

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  1. My plans are to finish the landscaping in my backyard!

    The first couple of years I did homeschool we didn't school in summer, but then I realized it was hard for my girls to pick up from where they left off. So therefore, I school throughout the summer so they don't backslide. I use Time4Learning for their summer curriculum. They only do a few lessons a week and not a full load.

    I have also started a garden this spring. I am crossing my fingers I don't kill the vegetables.

  2. Hey! Stopping over from Ultimate Blog Roll at Hip Homeschool Moms. I love your site & blog. Can't wait to get to know you better!


  3. Gosh...April 15th? I can't let my boys see that, or I would never hear the end of it, lol. We homeschool year round (but generally end up able to take the month of August off). They are usually ok with that. Until they get wind of other homeschoolers that are done. They never compare public school schedules to our schedule. It's the other homeschoolers' schedules that get brought up, lol.

    We vacation in the spring before school gets out (less crowded and cheaper!) and we take extra time during the winter holidays. It works itself out. :)

    I love doing those craft kits! Sometimes, if you hit stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble just right, you can find those kits on their bargain tables. Plus you can still get the educators discount too! :)

    Hope you enjoy your summer!! :)

    Mom to a 6 year old boy who would rather eat brussel sprouts (Ack!) and take a bath (Gasp!), than do homeschool spelling.


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