Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Recital Week

We had another good, but jam packed week!   For those of you who may have missed my post about Olivia’s birthday celebration, you can see photos by clicking here

This was stage week for the spring ballet recital.  This year’s theme is “Dancing Thru the Pages”.   Wednesday night was dress rehearsal, and I worked back stage from 4-8pm.   Way too many tutu’s for one day!!  

Lindsey’s class is dancing to “A Very Merry Birthday” from Alice in Wonderland.   Olivia’s class is doing a Little Red Riding Hood dance.   The performance will be tonight, so I’ll post more photos next week.

Olivia’s softball team is not having a good season so far.   4 games played, 4 games lost.   She has 2 games scheduled for this weekend, so hopefully they can pull off a win.  Spirits are getting mighty low.

Lindsey’s t-ball team is plodding along.  There are 13 kids on the team, and on an average we have 6 show up for the games.  Very disheartening, but what can you do?



Piano is going well.  Olivia has her year end recital next week.   We will continue lessons over the summer to keep her moving ahead.

I managed to sell some of my used curriculum this week.  I thought I’d priced it reasonably, considering it was in like new condition.   The couple who came to purchase it REFUSED to buy unless I let them pay me more than I was asking.  Now really, how many times do you have THAT happen?

During the week the girls worked with their father on making Mother’s Day gifts for the grandmas.   You can read about it, and see more photos here.


We’ll be heading out to the recital shortly.  So head over to the Weekly Wrap Up while I’m gone.

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  1. I hope the recital went well! And never, no one ever asks to pay more than the asking price...what a great experience. You both obviously got something out of the transaction.


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