Monday, June 6, 2011

Fishing With Girls

You really have to feel sorry for my husband at times.  The poor guy lives in a house full of females, all of whom like to fish, none of whom will touch worms.   Yes, that’s right folks, I don’t touch worms, bugs or spiders.  I’m sure my image is forever tarnished now, but so be it.

This last weekend was free fishing in our state, meaning you can fish without a license and not get fined.  The husband has his license, and the girls don’t need one because they are under 16.  Me…I wait for that one weekend a year and take full advantage of it.  There is a beautiful lake near our home that just beckons to me.  Isn’t it lovely?


This lake has perch, trout, catfish and carp in it.  (Not to mention bull frogs, snapping turtles countless Canadian geese and an occasional black heron).



Like I said the girls don’t touch worms.   However, they are not to proud to use sticks to find worms in the bait container.  Nor are they too grown up to resist NAMING the worms.   Thankfully they don’t have enough time to get attached to the worms before the poor little guys (or girls as most of them were names Sallie, Carrie, etc.) become fish food.


Final score at the end of the fishing trip Mommy-12 fish, Lindsey 9 fish, Olivia 4 fish and Daddy-0.  Like I said, you have to feel sorry for him at times.   Yeah, because I may have failed to mention that I also don’t touch live fish either.  So between baiting hooks and removing fish, the poor guy didn’t get to do much fishing of his own.

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  1. Poor guy. My husband would probably have to do the same thing if we went fishing.


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