Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Bruised Edition


This week, I taught the children how to careen out of control at warp speed and slam into large non-moving objects ride their bikes without training wheels.  Thus, the “Bruised Edition” lives.  


First of all, in my defense it, was never my intention to teach the 5 year old to ride without training wheels.  Ok, I wasn’t planning on teaching the 8 year old either, but then her training wheel broke off and I was forced into it.   The five year old, God love her, has the mind set of “well is SHE can do it, so can I!”.   Yeah, so the 5 year old typically out does her sister..this was no exception.




And yes, I really do let my kids ride their bikes without helmets, kneepads and elbow pads.  Please don’t send me nasty messages telling me I’m a bad Mom.

In less painful learning, the girls learned how to pick, shell and cook fresh peas from the garden.  Eating the peas was not mastered as easily.  They much prefer the taste of frozen or canned peas.  


This morning both girls visited our local Senior Center and performed for the folks.  Olivia played two songs on the piano and Lindsey sand two songs…and was immediately adopted by all the sweet little old ladies.



Oh and remember how last week I said that Olivia had finished her regular softball season?   So somehow, that translated into they’ve had practice EVERY.STINKING.NIGHT.THIS.WEEK.   One of which was from 4pm – 6pm during a day that we were under heat advisory.  The tournament starts tonight, yes TONIGHT….their first game is at 8pm, which means it won’t be over until at LEAST 9:45pm.   Seriously folks.

Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up this week, and I’ll let you know next week how the softball tournament turned out.

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  1. My kids learned this year without me! I was just sitting there on my porch when a kid was flying at me full speed. Talk about me jumping out of my skin. BUT they managed to use their brakes just fine. Learning is always fastest when it comes from them. Am I right? (Oh, and we have the helmets which I have yet to see them wear!)

  2. SO SWEET that your girls shared their talents and love at the elder folks home. Love that!!!

  3. Owie on the bruises, but they're riding! Congratulations! My youngest learned to ride at 4 when one of his training wheels broke. Peas already?! Yum! My kids eat the pods and all! LOL Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


  4. HA! My son hardly EVER wears his helmet - when he's on the sidewalk - on the road around the neighborhood (3 miles) he definitely has to do it. But I don't own any knee pads, etc. That's part of growing up and being mom - being able to kiss bumps and bruises!


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