Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The End of Ball Season Edition


Yes, finally!  The week you’ve all been waiting for!  Softball and baseball seasons have ended!!  (Don’t get too excited, there are softball clinics looming on the horizon.)

First, Olivia’s team did REALLY well in the tournament this last weekend.   Their first game was Friday night, and it was a loss.  Then something amazing happened, the team finally clicked.   They began playing like they were much more experienced than they truly are.  Next thing you know they’ve worked their way out of the losers bracket and are gaining ground.  Then they beat the number 2 team in the league!  It was a pretty intense weekend.   I’d like to say that they went on to win the trophy and the championship, but that’s not the case.   They lost to a team that isn’t necessarily a better team, but a team that cut some corners and pushed the envelope and were just plain rude.   However, our girls played fair, they carried themselves with dignity and they showed excellent sportsmanship.  So they took third place, and that’s ok. 


Lindsey had three games this week.  The last game of the season was Thursday night.  The opposing team didn’t show up, at all.   So we divided up our team and coaches and team mom (me) and we played a game with just us.  We had a  BLAST!!!  Lindsey had a wonderful season and made a few good friends.   As of now, she’ll play another year of t-ball next spring (because of her birthdate).  She’s already daydreaming about her uniform for next year.   The league picnic won’t be until July so we won’t know until then if she earned any trophies.

We signed up for the summer reading program at our local library.  It just seems strange to be filling in the names of books that Lindsey is reading.   I didn’t even look to see what the prizes are!   I did however bring home a whopping big pile of books.

Both girls have been practicing their bicycling skills.   I picked up a couple of bike safety books at the library and we worked on being safe riders (yeah, totally skipped that part about wearing a helmet).

The weather has been phenomenal this week.  Low to mid 70’s and sunny.  We’ve spent a great deal of time outdoors working in the gardens and just playing.   

How was your week? 

Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. Ball season is wrapping up here too! My daughter and her team are in the championship game tomorrow afternoon. Exciting! Sounds like your daughter's team did wonderfully! (Sportsmanship and having fun are MUCH MORE important that playing! Stopping in from Weekly Wrap-up!



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