Friday, July 29, 2011

Locks of Love

This past spring, one of the opposing softball teams had a little girl with cancer on the team.   She was bald, and spunky and a really good player who played hard!  

Olivia and Lindsey of course wanted to know why someone so young is bald.  So I explained to them about cancer and the side effects of the treatments, one of which is your hair falls out.   We also have an elderly neighbor who has recently gone through treatment and has since lost her hair, so it helped them understand.

Somehow all of that ended up with the question of wigs, and Locks of Love came up in conversation and today the girls did something drastic.  (No they didn’t sneak and cut their hair!)

For Locks of Love, hair donations must be 10 inches.  To do that the girls hair would have been too short for their ballet buns.  However, Pantene also collects hair, with a minimum of 8 inches in length, strictly for children's wigs.   So we headed to the hair salon.

Olivia’s hair is super thick (someone’s going to get a NICE wig outta that!).  The lady couldn’t use her scissors to cut through the pony tail, she had to use a straight razor and slice through in sections.

Sparks End of Season 002Sparks End of Season 004

Sparks End of Season 006Sparks End of Season 007

Sparks End of Season 008
Lindsey’s hair is a lot finer and thinner, so getting her pony tail cut with the scissors wasn’t an issue at all.  Her donation ended up being longer than Olivia’s due to an unfortunate incident with Olivia and scissors a few years back…but let’s not think about THAT right now.

Sparks End of Season 009Sparks End of Season 011

Sparks End of Season 012Sparks End of Season 013

Anyway, they are both really happy to have donated their hair.  I’m quite proud of them as well.  Lindsey’s hair looks much better, and she looks older finally.   Olivia’s hair will take a week or so to adjust to the cut, it’s wanting to go berserk now that there isn’t so much weight on it.

Sparks End of Season 014Sparks End of Season 015

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