Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The End of Summer Edition


Wow, where did this week go?  For that matter where did the summer go?  We officially start back to school next week!

This was basically a catch up week for me.   I managed to get all the extra furniture/possessions in a proper location.  And, drum roll please…..I got our class room decluttered!!   So we’ll at least be able to find stuff.

We’ve ordered library books for next week and pulled worksheets and lesson plans.   I even broke out the new marker and colored pencil stash!!  Oh it’s going to be a glorious year!

Olivia read Little Women this week.  My favorite was always Jo.  Olivia’s favorite is Meg, and that surprises me for some reason.

Lindsey’s reading skyrocketed this past week.  She’s actually sitting down and reading of her own choice and reading really well.  She’s even reading well from the Bible and it’s King James!

That’s pretty much our week in a nutshell.   Next week it’s back to the grind stone for us!!   In the meantime, check out this weeks edition of the Weekly Wrap Up!

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