Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up– The Hodge-Podge Week


This has been a fun, nothing planned kind of week.  LOVE IT!

Monday of course was July 4th.  We cooked on the grill, had water balloon fights, set off fireworks and then Olivia and I went to the town’s fireworks show at 10pm.  (Lindsey fell asleep and missed it.)

Tuesday was a fun day for the girls and I.  We went kite crashing flying in the early afternoon.   004

Then in the evening we went down to the city park for “Praise in the Park”.   There were two praise groups singing and it was lovely.   There was also a church holding vacation Bible school in the park, so the girls attended that while I listened to music and worked on a couple of word search puzzles.   When VBS was finished the girls (and a  little boy who was smitten with Olivia) played games and chased lightning bugs until the music ended.




Wednesday Olivia finished reading Heidi by Johanna Spyri.   Lindsey has completed 35 readers, so we headed to the library for our second round of prizes for the summer reading program.   Olivia also had piano lessons on Wednesday.  I was able to sit down and work our our upcoming year’s lessons plans. 

Thursday we worked on a couple of different crafts.   The favorite was this Crayola Color Explosion Sand Art kit…what a MESS!  But the kids had fun and the glow in the dark sand was cool.



Friday was supposed to be a day to clean the house really well and work on a couple of  ideas for group activities.   Yeah well, scratch that after spending much of the day at Emergicare with a family member, and then getting prescriptions filled, getting caught in a SEVERE storm and then helping said family member get their laundry and housework done.   Funny thing is what I was SUPPOSED to be working on was a list of community service projects….and instead the girls and I ended up DOING a service project.   Life is funny like that.

What about your week?  Any unexpected things blow your schedule out of the water, or was it smooth sailing?

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  1. I'm sure the girls learnt a lot by watching you help someone who needed help.

  2. Life is funny that way!

    Isn't it nice to have a week where nothing is planned?! something usually comes up but it's at least nice to start the week with nothing planned.

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