Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The College Edition


The girls were college bound this week as they participated in the Learning Can Be Fun Summer Youth Program.  Olivia was so excited to FINALLY be old enough to take the American Girl class…only to be told a week before class that they cancelled it because of lack of students.  Sigh!   So we bumped her over to a Wildlife Art in 3D class and Lindsey participated in Animal Adventures.   To be honest, I enjoyed packing their little lunch boxes and tucking little notes inside each day.  Although, by the end of the week Olivia was quick to concede that she’s glad she doesn’t have to get up early every morning for school!

Learning Can Be Fun, BRCC's Summer Youth Program

Both girls had an amazing time learning about animals and using different types of materials to produce their projects.  Today there was an art exhibit for all the parents to come and see the various projects.

Olivia’s class did a lot of work with clay in addition to paper mache, model magic, water colors and sketching.   Her favorite project was her lion below.   Although I thought she did an awesome job on her killer whale drawing!





Lindsey’s class worked with paper mache and water colors for the most part.  They also made some cute animals from paper plates!  I love her water color work.  She traced the giraffe before painting, but the sheep painting is all her own work.  “Stinky” the pig, and “Pengy” the penguin were her favorites.




In other news, summer softball clinics started this week.   The clinics are open to girls of any age, so Lindsey was able to participate.  Unfortunately she’s 5, and small for her age.  The closest child in age was 8 and much bigger so she was a little skittish at first.   Ok, she flat out cried and said she was nervous, but she was brave and stuck with the 2 hour practice.   We’ll be heading back again in July for clinic #2.  There may also be a summer softball league, I bet you can’t wait to hear more, huh?

We took our first trip to the library to collect prizes for the summer reading program.  First trip as in first set of prizes, not as in we’ve never been to the library.   Olivia picked a …… and Lindsey picked…….   Along those same lines we also mailed in our Summer Break Sweepstakes through the Book It! program.

Now we’re gearing up for the 4th of July festivities.  We have a family birthday picnic tomorrow and then we’ll be hitting some of the local celebrations on Monday.

Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up!  Happy Independence Day!

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