Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–GAH! Week 2


If you are wondering about the title, then you obviously didn’t read last week’s wrap up, so read that first by clicking here.  We’ll wait for you……

Ok, now that everyone’s back and understands the title, lets head into week #2, shall we?   Have I ever mentioned that I’m a clean/neat freak?  Oh, really, I didn’t?  Well… I AM!!   So this isn’t working so well for me..



Yeah, so….yeah.

The BEST part of the week was on Tuesday.  I received an email from BookSneeze telling me I was getting 2 FREE tickets to the Women of Faith conference in August!  You can’t imagine how on time this is for me right now!  You can read more about it in this post from my other blog.

Wednesday was the Kiwanis baseball year end picnic.  Lindsey was SO excited to win the sportsmanship trophy for t-ball.  She also earned a major league team hat for selling peanuts this year (she has no clue who the Phillies are, but liked the red hat).    Such a proud moment for us all!


Thursday was a around the house trying to organize and put away kind of day.  Nothing too exciting.  Olivia finished reading Call of the Wild and Lindsey has worked her way through her pile of 50 readers for the summer.

Today IS HOT!!  Oh my goodness, it’s 104 in the shade and that’s the real temp, not including the heat index.   I managed to get the last load of things moved from the apartment to our house (too bad the air conditioning in the van doesn’t work).   So I think I’m officially done for the week!

We will be starting back to school August 1, so my posts will be getting less sporadic and more geared toward our homeschooling.  Also I’ll be doing some giveaways starting next month as well, so stay tuned.

In the mean while, have a cold glass of sweet tea and visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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