Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The GAH!!! Edition


So how’s that for a title??   Well, it pretty much sums up my week.  We have a family member (Mary) moving in with us due to health issues.  You can read more about that here.

Yeah, so this week I’ve rearranged my entire house, and life as I know it.  Mary can’t navigate stairs, so we’re giving her the master bedroom/half bath combo.  This means we’re moving our room to the family room in the basement.  Which means I had to clear out furniture…sold some stuff, donated some stuff.  Got our furniture moved in.  Our schoolroom is also in the basement.  Today it dawned on me that since my husband works night shift and sleeps late having the classroom and bedroom in the same room won’t work.  So the classroom is moving upstairs to the formal living room.  What to do with the furniture that’s there???  I’m guessing you see where the GAH!!! came from, right?

So that’s my wrap up in a nutshell.   Moving, packing, unpacking…GAH!!!

Don’t forget to visit the Weekly Wrap Up and see if anyone else has a title nearly as catchy.   (And yeah, I’ll put the linky in sometime today, because well….GAH!)

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  1. I can so understand your weekly wrap up. I am experiencing something similar in that my mom is going to come live with me because of her health. I keep moving things around, and then I look at her house full of furniture, my house full of furniture, our school room and I wonder how adding another fully grown human being is going to work out for us. Fortunately, all my child needs is a computer to do her Time4Learning school work, so she can do that anywhere. Still, I look at moving things around to accomodate my mom and realize that everything is changing, including how we homeschool. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers as your world changes, too.

  2. I can completely empathize with your GAH! week. My mother is moving in with us because of her health, and I am rearranging everything, including our school room, which is getting turned back into a bedroom. I worry about the effect adding a whole other fully grown human being is going to have on school, but fortunately my child really only needs a computer to do her Time4Learning schoolwork. I realize everything is changing though, including how we homeschool, and that is scary! I will keep you and your family in my prayers as your world goes through these changes.


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