Thursday, December 15, 2011

Activity Day–Laura Ingalls Wilder

This month in Activity Day, we focused on Laura Ingalls Wilder.   Being December, I wanted to go with something Christmas like, so we focused mainly on the stories of the Ingalls’ Christmases.  I did however use the Laura Ingalls Wilder Card Set from Currclick to show the girls what the real Ingalls and Wilders looked like.

Books we used:

Santa Comes to Little House; by Laura Ingalls Wilder
A Little House Christmas; by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Since gifts weren’t store bought back then, I decided to do some crafting.  We used knitted scarves ($1 at the Dollar Tree), tied the ends of the fringes together, then sewed on some buttons and looped the fringe loops over the buttons to make a nice secure muffler.   Here are the directions if you’d like to make one yourself.


The girls came up with interesting variations on how to wear their scarves.


We also made foam Christmas trees for the girls to take home.


To wrap things up, I gave each girl a gift bag with a cup, a peppermint stick, a gold coin (chocolate) and a little ring.  Similar to Laura’s Christmas when Mr. Edwards crossed the river to bring them a tin cup, peppermint stick and a heart shaped cake.

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