Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The “Last Week”

When I say the “last week”, I don’t mean we’ve quit homeschooling or that I’m predicting the end of the world.   I mean, we finished the LAST commitment for the year!!  Nowhere to be (other than work) until January!!! 

Nutcracker was fantabulous!!  Doing 3 performances in 2 days wore everyone out, but it was a great show.   You can check out photos of my little ones in costume here.

We had our final Activity Day of the year.  Laura Ingalls Wilder was our lady of topic, and we made scarflets for Christmas.

We finished piano lessons and Awana for the year as well!  Woot!!

All of our lessons have been pretty basic this week.  Nothing particularly interesting.   Lindsey has become a reading machine!!   She lays in bed at night and reads herself to sleep.   Olivia is reading Gulliver’s Travels this week.

We’ll be pretty low key on academics from now until January 3.  Mostly focusing on math, reading, writing and Bible.  So I hope my wraps ups aren’t too boring until then!

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  1. Gulliver's Travels?! Wow! I didn't read that until high school! What does she think about it? My daughter (9) has become a reading machine this week too! It's nice and I'm definitely encouraging it! LOL


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