Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Half Way There


This week marked our half way point for our school year, only 85 more days to go!   This has been another light academic week due to the crazy schedule of extra curricular activities for the girls in the evenings, and my 50+ hour work week. 

Nutcracker practices have dominated every evening.  On Monday Olivia had practice, followed by a pizza party and then all the soldiers and mice marched in the city Christmas Parade.   (I ended up walking the parade route as well, helping to keep mice from scurrying into the crowd of thousands.)  Here are some photos of before, during and after the parade.   So, can you pick out Olivia in the group below?  No?  In that case she’s the in the front row, far right.



Writing:   Olivia finished her Level 3 Writing Strands book.   I haven’t decided yet it we’ll start Level 4 this year or if we’ll revisit Level 3 over the summer.  Lindsey’s hand writing has suddenly become very mature looking!

Math:  Lindsey is working with counting by 50’s and learning about half dollars.  I swear Olivia’s 3rd grade math book has more pre-algebra in it than I ever took in high school.  This week she learned about measurement problems.

Reading:  Olivia is reading through Pollyanna and Lindsey is working her way through her readers.

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  1. Cute mice! And congrats on 1/2 way! We're getting closer...I think we'll make it before Christmas break if we don't take many days "off".


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