Friday, February 17, 2012

My Littlest Ballerina

As is often the case, the youngest child sometimes gets lost in the shadow of the older siblings.   Sometimes Lindsey falls into that category, but for the most part she’s an up front kind of little gal.  But I do notice she’s becoming more aware of being in Olivia’s shadow.

This week during ballet and tap lessons, the parents were invited in to see some of the skills the girls are learning. They showed us some of the pieces the girls will be doing for the upcoming Performance Awards, and also a few tap moves as well.

So I thought I’d give her a little shout out in a post of her own.  (Disregard the crummy photography skills.)

Lindsey Ballet 003Lindsey Ballet 004

Lindsey Ballet 011Lindsey Ballet 012

Lindsey Ballet 029Lindsey Ballet 030

Lindsey Ballet 022Lindsey Ballet 024

Um, and yeah, she IS supposed to look like that in the last photo.  She was being a wild animal in a Jungle Book dance.

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