Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Arizona Edition

Another fun filled, action packed week has whirled by.   We started out Tuesday with our homeschool groups Valentines Day Party.   There was a life size Candyland game that the kids LOVED. It wrapped through the entryway, down the hall and through the fellowship hall.    Of course there were also crafts and SUGAR….lots of sugar.


Geography:  Arizona was our focus state for the week.  We focused mainly on the Grand Canyon and the Navajo people.   Although, we did still do our maps, state coin, state flag and famous person study on Wyatt Earp.  (Although Wyatt wasn’t born in Arizona, but he was a lawman there.)

Books and DVD’s we used:

Discoveries America, Arizona (DVD)
Arizona; by Barbara A. Somervill
Arizona; by Dan Filbin
Grand Canyon; by Anne Fitzpatrick
The Grand Canyon; by Cynthia Klingel and Robert B. Noyed
Wyatt Earp, by Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford
Wyatt Earp; by Rob Staeger
The Navajo; by Alice Osinski
Eagle Boy, A Traditional Navajo Legend; retold by Gerald Hausman

Science:  We studied and identified different forms of materials (solids, liquids, gases).  We also studied icebergs and the formed our own icebergs in the freezer….and um, no I didn’t think of taking photos.

Latin:   This was a built in review week.  We reviewed all of the vocabulary and verb conjugations we’ve worked on this year.

Math:  Olivia worked on writing remainders as fractions.   Lindsey is learning to add and carry to the 10’s column.

Language Arts:   Both girls are working on their spelling, reading and writing individually.

Ballet/tap:   Both girls continue to learn pieces for the Performance Awards and the upcoming “Swan Princess”.   Lindsey’s instructor invited the parents in for a presentation on Thursday to see the girls new skills.   See more photos here.

Lindsey Ballet 030

Awana:   Lindsey is almost finished with her Sparks book for the year.  She’ll be finishing it next week.   Olivia is about 3 weeks away from finishing her book up.   Then we’ll go back and review for the remainder of the year.

This week was also our monthly Activity Day with the homeschool group.   In honor of Black History Month, the girls and I studied Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad this month.


I hope everyone had a great week.  We are gearing up for a snowstorm for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll have time to read everyone's entry in this weeks Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. Remembering that Candy Land idea for our party next year!!!


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