Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Sheeesh Edition

We homeschooling moms (well moms in general) are over achievers.  There’s always something to be done, assisted with, organized, cleaned etc.   This was one of those weeks where I seriously had several 24 hour periods with no sleep.  I work graveyard, which is 11pm until 7am and then come home and start my day, and we are on mandatory 6 day work weeks to boot.  Thankfully we finished up school a couple of weeks ago.  But it was still one of those weeks where everything fell at one time.  

My mother, who moved in with us in July, has been sick all week.  So in addition to not being able to help me around the house, she’s been REALLY sick, enough that I’ve had to take care of her a lot, so household things have not been worked on.  Oh well, the dust will be there next week.

Lindsey had two t-ball games this week.  Plus ballet two nights, choir and Awana on Wednesday.  On Thursday we had Activity Day.  Our topic this month was Calamity Jane…and yeah, I should have read up on her a bit more before hand..ahem.

Friday after work I drove 45 minutes to the used curriculum sale site and dropped off my stash and worked for 3 hours setting up tables, carrying in boxes of books and sorting.  (24 hours without sleep).  Came home and took a 2 hour nap and then took Olivia to piano and came home and attempted to make the house look decent…I failed.

Saturday morning I got off work at 7am, drove 45 minutes back to the sale to shop, then went grocery shopping and returned back to the sale to help sort and box the non sold items, tear down the tables and get the church back in order.  (Yep, another 24 hours without sleep)

The great thing about both Friday and Saturday was that I got to see some old friends that I typically only get to chat with online.  Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations, Cindy from Along the Way,  and Heather from First Things First were a few of the familiar faces.  I even saw some friends from back in the MOMS group days from when Olivia was a newborn!

Today also happens to be our 11 year anniversary!   Go us!  We are planning to go out to a German restaurant for dinner as soon as I can get the laundry done, because honestly I’m out of clean clothes, sigh.

However, on a less busy note, the results from the girls year end standardized tests came today.    They both did fabulous.  Lindsey got a perfect score on hers and Olivia only missed 2, so the week and the school year was a success!

So maybe this doesn’t sound like a homeschooling wrap up.  But truthfully it is, because homeschooling and life are one and the same in our house.  Sometimes it’s good to just admit that you didn’t get it all done, but life went on.  Be encouraged, we all have days, weeks and God help us sometimes months where we appear to be treading water more than anything else, but typically it’s during those times that our kids learn some of the most important lessons. 

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    1. Busy doesn't even come close!! But the great news is that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and its not an oncoming train!! I should be returning to full time stay at home mom in the next 4-6 weeks! Thank God!


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