Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012-2013 Extra Curricular Activities

I shared our 2012-2013 curriculum choices earlier this week.  So I thought I’d also share the extra curricular activities for the year as well.   This is where my schedule gets busy!

Co-op:  We'll be attending a weekly co-op starting in September.  So every Friday we’ll be packing up our lunches and heading across the county for the day.   Here is a list of classes each child with be taking.

Around the World (geography)
Meet the Masters (art)
Oceans (geography/science mix)
Science Education Essentials (science)

American Government (history/government)
Botany (science)
IEW (writing)
Math For the Fun Of It (math games)

Activity Day:  This is our once a month group that meets for 2 hours.   I’ll be teaching Lindsey’s class…and it’s another geography class.  Olivia’s age bracket breaks into 2 1-hour sessions.  She will be learning guitar and sign language.

Dance:  Both girls will be taking 2 1-hour ballet lessons each week, and an additional 30 minute tap class each week.

Choir:  Both girls will be returning to the local homeschool choir this year.  This meets once a week as well.

Awana:   Lindsey will be in her 3rd year of Sparks.  Olivia will be in her 2nd year of the TNT program.  This is once a week as well.

Piano:  Olivia will continue her weekly piano lessons. 

So basically, Monday will be our only day that we don’t have an out of the house activity.  Tuesday/Thursday is dance (with one Thursday a month having Activity Day).  Wednesday is choir and then Awana.  Friday is co-op and then piano.

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