Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Camp Edition

This was our last week of summer vacation (we’ve been off since April 4).   The girls spent the week at the Frontier Culture Museum enjoying the summer camp programs.   Because of her age, Lindsey enjoyed the half day program.   Olivia was in the all day camp.   On Friday parents are allowed to come visit and take photos, and fish with the younger kids.

Olivia worked and learned on the Irish farm all week.  She worked in the gardens, fed animals, gathered eggs, cooked meals, processed flax, learned to weave and spin flax to make linen and learned games and songs from days of old.  The fact that she got to do this all in costume made it all the better.   Then, add to this that she got to be an interpreter on the farm and tell visitors about what was being done, she was all but in heaven!

Here is the farm from afar.  You probably can’t see the pig pen directly in front of the house can you? (it’s directly between the two small white buildings to the right in the photo…be glad this isn’t a scratch ‘n sniff post, k?

Summer Camp 001

Here’s Olivia working away in the kitchen.

Summer Camp 014Summer Camp 044

Summer Camp 013Summer Camp 011

Summer Camp 042

Showing visitors how to work the flax was a big deal.  I was really surprised at how knowledgeable Olivia had become in only a week.  I was even more surprised at the confidence level in talking with the public.

Summer Camp 055Summer Camp 054

Summer Camp 058Summer Camp 057

Needless to say, she’ll be doing this again for summers to come!

Lindsey’s group didn’t get to wear costumes.   They did get to cook on some of the farms, visit the forge, work with the flax, learn games and songs from the time period, make candles and go fishing with a bamboo pole.  The absolute favorite activity of the week was “puddling” at the African village.   Puddling is mixing the clay and water with your feet to make bricks.  Unfortunately, they did that on a day when parents weren’t there with cameras.

Summer Camp 017

She really did catch two fish, but that was while I was over at the Irish farm…oops.

Summer Camp 032Summer Camp 034

Summer Camp 041

Summer Camp 050

While the kids were off reliving the past, I was preparing for the future.  Printing out lapbook elements, gathering lesson plans, and making lists.

How was your week?   Visit the Weekly Wrap Up and link up!

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  1. OK, that farm experience sounds REALLY cool! My daughter would LOVE to do something like costume (because that's a BIG part of the fun)! If only there was something like that HERE! (I'll have to keep my eyes and ears open!)


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