Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Week “After”

Well, here it is, the week “after” the latest life changing event in our home.  Some of you have been waiting patiently to find out what was going on.  Take a moment and read “And So It Goes” on my S.A.H.M. I Am! blog, to get you caught up to speed.

So, other than drying lots of tears at night, the days have been full.  Monday we spent the day moving our bedroom back from the basement to the master bedroom.  I suddenly realized that my 40+ back really isn’t thrilled with moving furniture up and down stairs.

Tuesday was Lindsey’s official birthday.  She turned 7 and we had lots of things to do.  We had her official birthday photos taken.  Then we went to the Augusta Military Academy Museum (a post with photos will be up sometime this weekend).   Then we went out to Chinese for lunch followed by putt putt golf (ditto on post/photos).


Wednesday and Thursday I spent cleaning the basement and turning it back into a classroom.   Um….yeah, another post and more photos to come.  The girls spent the day riding scooters and playing with the dog.

Today we went on a field trip with our local homeschool group.   The girls spent the morning learning about horses and then riding for a good bit.  


Later this evening we’ll be heading over to the Frontier Culture Museum. 

How was your week?  I’m linking up with the Weekly Wrap Up.

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