Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–Stage Week

Here we are finishing up the nightmare known as “stage week”.  That’s right, all we have to do is get through show time on Saturday and Sunday and Nutcracker is successfully complete.  Why do I say this week was a nightmare?  No reason, other than the 39+ hours of practice and backstage help logged in between the two girls and I.  Yes, THIRTY NINE HOURS.  

Here are a few photos I took back stage, pardon the clutter, but that’s what backstage looks like during production.  Olivia is a Party Boy, and Lindsey is a Snow Flurry and a Marzipan.

 Nutcracker 001Nutcracker 002

Nutcracker 003Nutcracker 004

We worked on our Nutcracker unit study as well.  We should finish it up next week and then I’ll do a post on it.

The production was overshadowed by the news that Mignon Furman passed away on December 4.   Mignon was the mentor and personal friend of Ms. Pam and Ms. Shanda.  She’s judged both or my girls in performance awards and was simply a lovely lady, very witty and animated.  She’ll be missed terribly.   Here she is, with Olivia in 2011

performance awards 007

In other, non ballet news we really did work on academics this week, although on an abbreviated level.   In math Olivia is working with reducing fractions and improper fractions.   Lindsey is just beginning to work with fractions and mixed numbers, so at least they are on a similar topic in math.

Both girls continue to do well with grammar.  Olivia will be starting to diagram sentences soon and I must say I HATE that…I’m hoping she likes it better than I did.   Lindsey is working on types of sentences and correct punctuation.

Wednesday I shared a post at the Homeschool Village about Taking Dad to School, or at least not excluding the poor man.   On Thursday we were good little elves in observance of St. Nicholas Day.

That’s pretty much our exhausting week.   I’ll start sharing Christmas crafts next week (I hope).

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  1. We just made it though our Theater and Choir products as well. All the time, i am sure, was worth it. That's really great to add a Nutcracker unit study!
    Sorry for your loss :(


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