Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sound of Music

When Olivia was small, 2 maybe, we went to one of the children’s programs at the library.  They were doing music with hand held instruments and she flat out loved it.  The librarian made the observation that Olivia was “one of those children who feel the music, not just hear it”.   We continued to go to those music get togethers for several years.  Olivia has always been that way, music just comes naturally to her.    Lindsey apparently was gifted with the musical gene as well.   Here are some of the things you see and hear on a daily basis in our home.  (They both take piano lessons, and Olivia takes guitar lessons and then teaches it to Lindsey.)





I just love the photo of Olivia in her goofy slipper and pj’s. It shows her personality so well.   She’s getting a full sized guitar for her birthday in April.  It’s currently under my bed, and the urge to give it to her early is getting hard to resist.

My husband fell in love with the dulcimer last fall when we were on a field trip.  I took the liberty of buying him a dulcimer for Christmas this past year and he has been learning to play.  He even found a local dulcimer club to join.   He’s really doing well with it, although he does get frustrated with Olivia whens she just picks it up and starts playing without really thinking about it.


And me?   Well, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I play a really mean radio!  (She says with great sarcasm.)


Is music a big part of your lives as well?

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  1. My girls are also in piano. Like the Levites, music is a HUGE part of our lives. I don't consider learning music as optional. I like your idea of one daughter teaching the other guitar. I'll have to try that with violin and save a little $. :-)

  2. Yes! I play piano and leaned to play my flute in my 50's. Use to teach piano lessons. Now daughter teaches piano and daughter-in-love teaches piano and part time music teacher at a school. Learning to play the dulcimer is tempting! Nancy


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