Saturday, February 2, 2013

Curriculum For Sale

If you are like me, you’re already looking at products for the upcoming school year.   Or, maybe I’m the only one who plans that far ahead?    Anyway, I thought I’d go ahead and post items I’ll be selling in case anyone is interested.   I have included the links to the product page for each item so you can compare pricing, etc.  I accept cash, money order and Paypal.  Shipping to U.S. addresses only.

2nd Grade Abeka:  $120 ppd.  (available mid-May). I’m still using this one, but will be read to ship mid-May.  All teachers manuals are in excellent condition, no markings.  Readers were bought 2nd hand and have the previous owners name on the outside but not markings inside.

Abeka for sale 007Abeka for sale 010

Arithmetic 2 Homeschool Curriculum
Arithmetic 2 Test Speed Drill Key
Arithmetic 2 Charts/Games
Homeschool Phonics, Reading, Spelling 2 Curriculum
Homeschool Writing/Seat Work 2 Curriculum
Letters & Sounds 2 Test Key
Story Tree (reader)
Treasure Chest (reader)
Hidden Treasure (reader)
No Longer a Nobody (reader)
Paths of Gold (reader)
Sunshine Meadows (reader)
Silver Sails (reader)
Growing Up Where Jesus Lived (reader)
All Kinds of Animals (reader)
Primary Bible Reader
Handbook for Reading

3rd Grade Abeka Arithmetic $15 for Test/Speed Drill and Charts. Purchased new, excellent condition.

Abeka for sale 005

Arithmetic 3 Homeschool Curriculum Sold
Arithmetic 3 Work Text Sold
Arithmetic 3 Test/Speed Drill Key
Arithmetic Charts 3-8

4th Grade Abeka: $120 ppd. (available mid-May). I’m still using this one, but will be read to ship mid-May. Purchased new, excellent condition.

Abeka for sale 008Abeka for sale 009

Homeschool Arithmetic 4 Curriculum and Lesson Plans
Arithmetic 4 Answer Key
Arithmetic 4 Test and Speed Drill Key
Homeschool Language Arts 4 Curriculum and Lesson Plans
Language A Quiz and Test Key
Language A Answer Key
Language 4-6 Charts
Oral Language Exercises
Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 4
Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 4 Test Key
Penmanship Mastery I
Salute to Courage (reader)
Liberty Tree (reader)
Flags Unfurled (reader)
Trails to Explore (reader)
Saved at Sea (reader)
Song of the Brook (reader)

Abeka Grade 5 Arithmetic: $20 ppd.  Excellent condition.

Abeka for sale 006

Homeschool Arithmetic 5 Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Miscellaneous 3rd Grade Readers:  $15 ppd. Sold

Abeka for sale 011

Better Bridges (reader) sold
Crossroads (reader) sold
Footprints (reader) sold

Please email me using the button at the top right of this page with questions, or to arrange purchase.  Happy shopping!

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