Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The One With Lots of Packages

We homeschool moms have a special love for the UPS guy or gal, don’t we?  There’s nothing more exciting than seeing that big brown truck stop in front of the house.  Even the kids get giddy.  This week we received a very large box.  It contains Olivia’s birthday gift, a full size acoustic guitar.   Of course I couldn’t show the kids what was in the box.  However when they saw the size of the box, Lindsey exclaimed “If that’s more school books, this CAN’T be good!”   I got a nice hardy laugh out of it.

We also received several packages for review items.  You’ll be seeing a lot of reviews popping up over the next few weeks.  I even had a few products show up from give aways I’d won!  Woot!  It was a great package week!

Speaking of school books. I’m already looking ahead to the new year, and I’m guessing a lot of you are as well.  Please check out my post Curriculum for Sale and see if there is anything there you may need.  The prices can’t be beat and everything is in excellent condition!

We only had a three day school week.  Tuesday was our monthly Chinese lunch with Mamaw.  Friday was coop day, and although we did get snow it wasn’t enough to cancel our coop classes.  (Boo hiss.)  Not that I dislike coop, but driving across the county in the snow isn’t much fun and by the time we got home it was all melted.

Olivia has become fascinated with yarn crafts.  Our neighbor Ms. Kay bought both of the girls a knitting knobby for Christmas and we’ve finally figured out how to use it.   We went into Michaels this week and Olivia gathered a huge selection of yarns and needles (all of which went back on the shelf, ahem).  I was quite pleased when she said “all I have to do is get a book and I can teach myself.”  YES, yes you can!    In the meantime, I found a crochet hook and some old yarn for her to work with.  I see lots of yarn-stuff in our future though.


The girls also attended a Victorian Tea at the Woodrow Wilson Museum this past weekend.  The girls LOVE this annual event and the staff there are wonderful!  (As a tea lover, I’m a wee big jealous.)  The girls learn etiquette and dancing, make a few crafts and go on a scavenger hunt in the museum.  The day ends with a three course tea.


Lindsey is back in her gift making mode.  This week she worked on more plaster ballerina’s to giveaway.  If you notice her shirt is says “Dance Your (ballet shoes) Off”.   Appropriate, yes?


All of our extra curricular activities are marching right along.  Ballet is gearing up for the performance awards.  Basketball is adding new skills and challenges each week.  Both girls have finished their Awana books for the year and are now reviewing.  We decided to drop the homeschool choir for this semester.  While it’s a great program and the girls love it, it’s always a big rush to get from there to Awana, with no time for dinner in between.

Oh yes, academics were in the mix.  Everything is going smoothly.  I’m pleased with both girls’ progress. Only 62 days left, but who’s counting?

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  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading it. And I do agree! We love our UPS guy. Have ax wonderful weekend.


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