Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!

In my Weekly Wrap Up last week I mentioned that I was crossing my fingers for a big snow in March.   Tada!


This above photo was taken in the early morning as snow piled up…and up.  We ended up with approximately 20 inches of snow!   I think my flag did it’s job!


This was to be a snowman…but it got away from the girls on the hill and took on a life of itself.  A short lived life, the dog mauled it.


Here is poor, unsuspecting Olivia, making a snow angel.  Do you see that huge scoop of snow in the right hand corner of the photo?  She never saw it coming…heh heh heh.


Lindsey to the rescue!



I hope you enjoyed your day, regardless of what the weather may have brought to you!

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