Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Hello March

This has been a long winter.  The arrival of March gives us a glimmer of hope that spring really is just around the corner.  However, seeing as how we have had no significant snowfall this year, I’m really banking on a heavy duty snow in March.   I’m crossing my fingers anyway.

As Crazy as it may sound, I spent the evenings this week finalizing my curriculum choices for the upcoming year.  There was one area I wasn’t sure of and then low and behold an unexpected curriculum catalog showed up with just what I was missing, and the price was amazing.  

Mid-week we went on a really interesting and informational field trip to Huss & Dalton Musical Instruments.  The girls liked it, the husband quite possibly drooled.   You can check out an over abundance of photos in my post here.

Huss  & Dalton 016

Olivia presented her first oral book report this week.  Her book of choice was Wind in the Willows.  Her report was well done, although a bit on the brief side.  I had to chuckle when she broke into dance midstream.  This was her version of Toad’s happy dance.


Olivia has also been working on the song You Raise Me Up in sign language.  Her sign language class will be performing this song at our support group talent show later this month.


Lindsey has really been making progress in math this week.  We’ve moved on to the 3 multiplication tables and 1/3 and she’s doing well. I find it interesting that while she still struggles some with her addition facts, she’s picking up on the multiplication tables really quickly.

This being the first Friday of the moth, we didn’t have co-op.  I also opted out of going out to lunch like normal so we could get a full week of school in.  I wanted to make up a little ground for having 2 sick days last week.

This evening will be Olivia’s monthly youth group meeting.  This one is special, because she has a guest to take.   Her Daddy.  My husband works 2nd shift, and that means he never gets to go to their weekly events.  They’ve come to accept that as normal, because they know he’s working to make sure they have the things they need.  This week though, he went out of his way, by far.  He worked several 10 hour nights back to back, including Thursday night.  He then doubled back to work at 7am Friday, with less than 4 hours of sleep.  All so he could be off tonight to drive her to youth and get to be her “friend” for the night.  That my reader’s, is a good man right there!

I hope you’ve had a great week as well.  As usual, I’m linking up to the Weekly Wrap Up.

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  1. Wow! I am impressed that you are finished purchasing next year's curriculum. Way to go! I am never that organized. I hope you'll consider adding this post to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap. -Savannah

  2. oh - that would be a GREAT vlog (her signing)


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