Monday, April 29, 2013

A Little Help, Please

In mid-April I shared with you about my upcoming missions trip to Ethiopia.   While there we will be working at the Ajuja orphanage, working on the facility itself.  The team that just returned installed a playground and did a lot of painting.  We will be finishing up any loose ends on those projects.

The staff at Ajuja has specifically asked us to teach them how to care for the babies and children in their care.   They need someone to teach them how to best meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of  so many little ones in their care.  Interestingly enough, the team for this trip was assembled before that request was delivered to us.   The team that was specifically asked to go on this trip are all women, with a passion for children.   It looks like God has a plan working here!

We will also be working on a home for a widow and her 5 year old son.  Completing this house will be a priority as it is one of the worst houses (if you can call it that) ever witnessed by our missionary team.  Our goal will be to have it completed by the time we leave, and beat the rainy season.

Additionally, we’ll be working on programs to educate the locals on the prevention of malaria.  Sadly, one of the children in our FIG program passed away recently from malaria.  He was only two.  Such a preventable tragedy.


We will be sharing God’s love, and His word through tangible acts.  Goats and cows to feed a family, a house with a roof and  care packages for orphans.

What can you do to help?  Well, you can come to Ethiopia with us and fight mosquitoes and build shacks that pass for houses.  Or you can help to send me and the team with the supplies we need for this part of our mission.

If each of my site members would give just $15.82 it would cover the airline travel.  If each member gave $20 we could also buy several goats and cows, providing a family with fresh milk products for food and a potential income for selling those products.   Imagine what could be done with less money than it costs for a family of 4 to eat at McDonalds!

Your tax deductible donation can be made, simply by clicking on the PayPal link below.


If you would prefer to donate via check, you can do so by making the check out to Project Hopeful.  Email me directly for mailing instructions.

As always, with any outreach at home or abroad, your prayers are most valuable to us.  Please pray for our protection, peace over our families and for God to use us as only He can!

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