Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Junior She-Art

If you want to see some major creative juices start to flow, follow this simple recipe.   Find some wooden plaques (88 cents at A.C. Moore), add an abundant supply of acrylic paints, papers, ribbons, chalk pastels, rub-on's, cardstock, embellishments and modge podge…

Olivias 10th 071

…add eight little girls, oh excuse me “pre-teens”….

Olivias 10th 074

…and one creative genius…

Olivias 10th 077

The results are incredibly colorful, unique and amazing creations.

Olivias 10th 086

The personality of each young lady shines through on their projects.

Olivias 10th 087Olivias 10th 105

Olivias 10th 106Olivias 10th 107

Olivias 10th 108Olivias 10th 109

Olivias 10th 110Olivias 10th 111

Give this beautiful, awesome woman some canvas and a little time…

Olivias 10th 095

and watch her create a masterpiece, or two!

Olivias 10th 130Olivias 10th 131

And there you have the phenomenon of “She-Art”. Each piece as unique and beautiful as the gal who created it.

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