Thursday, April 18, 2013

Activity Day–Australia

G’day mate!  Our Activity Day group visited the land down under this month.  Our main objective today was  working on aboriginal art.  I found a great resource at Aboriginal Art Online.  There is lots of information on this site.  I printed out the symbols and gave each girl a copy so they could have some authenticity to their work.  We used brown cardstock to resemble tree bark (hey, it’s a stretch, but work with me).





I also printed out a map/flag page coloring page from Crayola.  I also used Super Coloring to print out sheets on the koala, kangaroo, wombat, echidna, emu, platypus and Tasmanian devil.  I stapled these all together to give each child a booklet about some of the amazing creatures in Australia.

Books we used:

Australia; by Sean McCollum
The Aboriginal Peoples of Australia; by Anne Bartlett
Aboriginal Australians; by Diana Marshall
Amazing Animals of Australia; by National Geographic

In addition to our regular class we were privileged to have local participants for the National History Day competition onsite.  We listened to abolitionist William Wilberforce as he fought to end slavery. 



The team pictured above and one other local team will be traveling to the National’s this weekend.  Best of luck to them!

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