Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The One With A Surprise!

Wow, what a week!

Friday night (April 12) the girls were in a “Broadway Showcase” dance production.   It was a really cute show.  Both Olivia and Lindsey were “Newsies” in King of New York.  This was the first tap show they’ve been in…and no, I didn’t get photos.

Saturday evening the girls participated in the Performance Awards.  They both did well, each bringing home a gold medal.  Olivia did extremely well, her confidence level and gracefulness was off the charts!


Thursday was our monthly Activity Day.  In addition to my class, we were also privileged to get to watch locally homeschooled students perform their presentation for the National History Day Competition.  


Friday was of course co-op and grocery shopping day, and tornado watches and warnings…lots of those. 

Now, for the EXCITING surprise.  Through an interesting turn of events, things have lined up for me to go to Ethiopia in July!  Yes, July as in 2.5 months from now.   I have a whirlwind of activity going on, trying to line up childcare for 3 nights (you’d think family would be an option, but nooooooo), and trying to work on fundraising ideas that can be carried out in such a short time.  If you would like to support the trip financially I’d REALLY appreciate it, and you can do so via Paypal, and it’s tax deductible!    I’d also appreciate your prayers leading up to my trip, and especially while I’m in Ethiopia.  More information to come as it all falls into place.

We are counting down the days until our school year is finished.  Only 22 more days to go!  How much longer in your homeschool year?

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  1. I love Ethiopia! Two of our children were born there and we travelled to pick them up in 2011. My husband and our oldest son went back a year later and we plan trips in the future. We were able to visit several orphanages and projects while there and continue to have part of our hearts in that special country. You will be so blessed by going!

  2. That is very exciting. Praying that you will be a blessing and be blessed through this.


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