Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sunny Days

I often brag on how fortunate we are to live in such a great area.  We are within driving range of several great museums, parks, the beach and Washington D.C.  Spring is the perfect time to take a little road trip and enjoy the great outdoors. 

We’ve heard about a great multi-sensory playground near by, so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful April weather and go for a drive.  There were four (yes 4) school bus loads of kids at the playground while we were there.  Yet with all those kids it still wasn’t over crowded, but it was busy!

Olivia, being the horse lover, was enthralled with this sculpture - chalkboard combination.

Olivias 10th 011

Below is the back side of the above photo, with the horse being to the right where the man and little boy are standing.

Olivias 10th 009

Olivias 10th 014

Olivias 10th 018

The hammock was a hot commodity.  Kids stood in line for the longest time waiting to hop in and rest….but I noticed they all hopped out pretty quickly.  I guess rest is over rated at this age.

Olivias 10th 025

Olivias 10th 031

This corkscrew sliding gizmo was a pretty busy area as well.  Lindsey LOVED it.  Olivia, not so much.

Olivias 10th 036

Olivias 10th 034

Once we had our fill of the playground (several hours later), we wandered over to the JMU Arboretum.   It was so quiet and peaceful!  LOVED it!

Olivias 10th 038

The kids’ favorite thing was the turtles.   We counted over 30, but you know they all look alike after a while, so we may have been off count by a bit.

Olivias 10th 042

Olivias 10th 054

I of course loved the flowers!  I especially loved how this photo of the tulips turned out.

Olivias 10th 056

Olivias 10th 044

There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting out and enjoying God’s creation with your children!

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