Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The End of 2nd Grade

The monsoon’s dried up this week.  Monday night into Tuesday morning we had a HEAVY frost.  The heat ran most of the day Tuesday.  Wednesday we set a  record high of 93 degrees.  Thursday we had hail, and lots of it.   Very odd indeed.

Olivia and I were finally able to get out and go walk about some.  We traveled down to the park and found out that the cygnets hatched during our absence. 


Thursday was our last Activity Day  for this school year.   My class focused on Africa.   Olivia’s sign language and guitar classes did a presentation at the end of the day. 



This is stage week for the spring ballet (Snow White).  Wednesday through Friday were dress rehearsals.  The shows are Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.  Then we are finished with ballet until the fall.

Lindsey is currently celebrating the end of 2nd grade. I’m still not sure how I managed to get her finished a week ahead of Olivia, but she’s thrilled none the less.  She celebrated by getting a new pair of toe-socks.  It’s the little things that make her happy.


Here is one of my favorite photos from last weeks co-op grand finale.  The periodic table of elements, in cupcakes.


How was your week?

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  1. The cygnets are so cute! The swans at our local pond have been nesting for a few weeks so we're looking forward to fluffy little ones around here soon, too (everything has been a bit late this year in England!).
    I love the elements cupcakes - very cool!
    Lucinda (via Weird Unsocialised Homeschoolers)


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