Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pathways to the Presidency: Virginia’s Eight Presidents

My girls spent a week in June at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library’s summer camp program.  They had a wonderful time and learned far more that I could have imagined.

Monday focused on George Washington.  The kids were given a hat, haversack and compass and divided into groups of soldiers.  During the day they completed a scavenger hunt and spent time with re-enactors as they learned about encampment, learned to drill and shared some hard tack and water.



Tuesday’s camp focused on Thomas Jefferson.  The kids learned about basic architectural elements and searched for answers to Jefferson trivia.  Campers enjoyed sponge cake, one of Jefferson’s favorites.  Then I had an epic fail moment as a blogger, I forgot to take may camera when I went to pick the girls up.  In studying the Lewis & Clark expedition, the local small zoo brought animals and did a presentation about some of the animals that Lewis & Clark encountered.  There was the largest porcupine I’ve ever seen wandering around the encampment.  Seriously the thing was bigger than our dog (he’s a beagle/blue tick),  GAH!

Once we were back home, I did take photos of the arrows the girls made.


Wednesday focused on Madison and Monroe.  The kids learned about “Old Ironsides”, met with Dolley Madison for ice cream and made a handmade corncob checker set.



Thursday was packed with Presidents Harrison, Tyler and Taylor.  The kids learned about the longest inaugural address, the shortest presidential term and the song “Hail to the Chief”.  Later, dressed in powdered wigs and gloves the kids attended the inaugural ball and worked on etiquette and era dances.


Woodrow Wilson wrapped up the week on Friday.  Campers learned about our 28th president and toured the WWI trench exhibit and learned about Wilson’s push  for world peace.   Then it was game time.  “Are You Smarter Than a Camper?”   Originally it was supposed to be parents against the kids, but they were afraid the parents couldn’t hold their own against the campers, so we paired up with the kids. 

After the trivia contest we had refreshments on the veranda and collected the girls presidential notebooks and their totally cool gift….PRESIDENTIAL PEZ!!


By far this was one of the BEST summer camp programs ever!

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