Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fresh Air–Day 4

Ty`Nique had never been hiking, and today was absolutely perfect weather for a walk in the woods.  High 70’s and no humidity is not typical for Virginia in August, so we took full advantage of it.

I let Olivia blaze the trail for us and I brought up the rear so I could take photos and keep an eye on everyone at once (multitasking mom, that’s me).  I was really happy to listen to Olivia and Lindsey identifying tree species and plants (yes, they really DO listen on those nature study walks!)

Ty`Nique 106

There are times when Olivia just amazes me in her similarity to her father.  Neither of them can find a gallon of milk in the fridge, but both can spot a deer like nobody’s business.  We were only a few minutes into our walk when Olivia stopped and whispered “There are two deer over there in those trees.”  Sure enough there they were.  To be honest, I’d have missed the deer.  I mean seriously, could you spot these two deer (below) at 50 yards without a zoom lens camera?

Ty`Nique 109

The girls pointed out various fungi growing on trees.  We also found a good supply of acorns, walnuts and hickory nuts to identify…and persimmons.  I fought off the urge to have them all try one…heh heh heh.

Ty`Nique 113

Ty`Nique 128

Then we hit a few playgrounds.

Ty`Nique 127

Ty`Nique 133

Ty`Nique 135

Ty`Nique 142

In the evening we took the girls fishing.  It was actually a bit chilly by the lake.  Lindsey is typically the queen of catching fish, but she was dethroned by Ty`Nique…she caught 11!  Look at that face! (and the little fish on the end of the rod.)

Ty`Nique 148

Ty`Nique 150

Between baiting the hooks, and taking the fish off the hooks these three gals kept Tom pretty busy all evening…and he loved every minute of it.

Ty`Nique 171

Bed time is hard, that’s when homesickness kicks in.  For an 8 year old, I think she’s being very brave.  It hurts this momma’s heart to see her upset at bedtime, and I know it hurts her momma’s heart in NY too.

On to more fun tomorrow.

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