Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fresh Air–Day 5

Today was a “real life” day.  The girls had dentist appointments in the morning, followed by grocery shopping.   When we got home it was laundry day for me and the girls played.   They built a blanket fort (which I forgot to take a photo of), hula-hooped, played with Barbie’s and doll babies and watched the movie Brave.

In the evening we picked up pizza’s and went to the local park for free concerts.  It was youth night, so the bands were a lot more upbeat and everyone seemed to have fun.

Lindsey and Ty`Nique are both creeped out by costumed creatures, so they weren’t too happy about seeing the Sweet Frog mascot come through. They were even less thrilled when I whipped out the camera and made them pose. (Grins)

Ty`Nique 003

The pizza was most excellent.   Interestingly enough, we found out that bee’s are really attracted to the smell of garlic, either that or they are really big fan’s of Little Caesar's breadsticks.

Ty`Nique 002

The bands totally rocked. 

Ty`Nique 006

The female guitar player in the photo below (beside the gal in pink) was phenomenal!

Ty`Nique 020

Ty`Nique 010

Unfortunately it started to rain early in the 2nd bands performance, so we left.  It was a good night though.   Goofy girls are always entertaining.

Ty`Nique 033

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