Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fresh Air–Day 6

The girls spent their morning playing together.  While they were preoccupied and giggly, I prepared a surprise tea party luncheon.  Once I had everything ready I told them to go find their white gloves, hats, scarves and fans.   The three came back as a very eclectic group, grins.

The mysterious Ms. Olivia.

Ty`Nique 006

The demure Ms. Ty`Nique

Ty`Nique 007

The coy Ms. Lindsey.

Ty`Nique 008

The Menu:

Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Nuggets
Fruit Salad
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hot Tea

The girls had a lovely time acting all snooty. 

Ty`Nique 013

We discovered that, despite her claims to having tea at home all the time, Ty`Nique does not in fact like tea.

Ty`Nique 015

Once the refreshments were finished, the girls taught Ty`Nique the proper way to decline a tea refill.  For the record, this is to be done with an empty cup, not a mostly full one, ahem.

Ty`Nique 028

The girls then retired to the sun porch where Ms. Olivia and Ms. Lindsey taught Ms. Ty`Nique the proper way to curtsey and to waltz.

Ty`Nique 038

Ty`Nique 029Ty`Nique 035

We then lost a bit of formality, as we returned to the kitchen to make beaded bracelets.

Ty`Nique 044

The girls had a couple of hours of downtime and then it was off to the county fair!  So far this week we’ve learned that Ty`Nique doesn’t like animals, dirt, the woods, the park or tea…and I’m guessing by her body language, and the look on her face that clowns aren’t a favorite either.

Ty`Nique 055

Ty`Nique does however like rides.  Although we had to work on the concept of getting in the back of the line instead of cutting to the front.

Ty`Nique 064

Ty`Nique 066

Ty`Nique 072

Ty`Nique 125

We had to divide up since our girls wanted to go to the petting zoo and the livestock barns.  Ty`Nique just crinkles up her nose and says it’s dirty and smelly.   Although, I’m quite certain that New York City is not always the cleanest and best smelling place in the world either.

Some of the shows were lame, VERY lame.  The acrobats were really good, although that freaked Ty`Nique out as well and she walked out, and I walked her right back in…because really it’s not all about one person when you have 5 who have paid to be there.

Ty`Nique 137

A final photo of the night.

Ty`Nique 112

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