Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Week 2

Here it is the end of August, and the girls just finished up a week long Nutcracker Boot Camp.  Yes, Nutcracker madness really does begin in August, much to the chagrin of  parents.

Academics have gone well this week.   Math has still been our biggest time commitment.  Olivia continues to work through equations and algorithms.   Lindsey’s curriculum had her working on regrouping in preparation for borrowing.  Since she already knows how to borrow the regrouping was a bit of a challenge at first, but then she made the connection that it was showing the why behind the how of borrowing.

History:   We continued to work on our explorers unit study this week.  The girls and I built our own ships late in the week.  We’ll test their sea-worthiness next week, grins.


The girls were horrified to learn that Christopher Columbus captured hundreds of natives and sent them back to Spain as slaves.  Needless to say, Columbus’ popularity is now in the toilet.

Speaking of toilets, ours started to malfunction this week.  My father-in-law and one of his buddies came by and fixed it and gave us a little mini lesson on the inner workings of a toilet.   Amazing the things you can learn and tuck away for future use.

Language Arts:  We ventured into articles and adjectives this week.  I’m loving the way Jr. Analytical Grammar is laid out.  The lessons provide ample review and application prior to the end of chapter test.  I’ve also learned that Lindsey is a really poor tester. 

Spelling:  This is working so much better for us this year.  Daily combined oral drills and copy work have really helped in this subject.

Music:  Olivia and Lindsey are both continuing with their piano lessons.  Olivia is using a DVD curriculum, while Lindsey continues to take private lessons outside the home.

During our weekly tea, we discussed everyone’s opinions of our progress thus far.  I haven’t been particularly impressed with our Bible curriculum, and was surprised to learn that both girls feel the same way.  So I’ll be adjusting this area.


This evening our church plant hosted a block party in the downtown area.  This has been a huge undertaking and has taken up a great deal of my energy and time over the last several weeks.  It was a huge success and we’re all officially exhausted.

I hope you all had a great week!

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  1. What a lovely week....I had to chuckle about Christopher Columbus. Awesome ships.


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