Monday, September 2, 2013

Taylor and Boody Organbuilders

From birth Olivia has been enthralled by music. Combine her love of music with the love of craftsmanship that she share with her dad, and we can end up on some interesting field trips.

Recently we travel to Taylor and Boody Organbuilders for an open house and showing of their Opus 66.    I don’t know who enjoyed this more, Olivia or my husband. They roamed around the shop looking at equipment, carvings and pipework as if they were in some hallowed place.




They both marveled over the woodworking and the metal fabrications.  The little details that most of us wouldn’t have noticed (ok, DIDN’T notice) stopped them both in their tracks.





But when someone began to PLAY the organ, the clear difference in these two became evident.  Tom continued to take notice of the process.   Olivia became enthralled by the product, the sounds of the pipes, and worked her way to the front of the crowd, and that is where she stayed for the remainder of the day.



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