Monday, September 9, 2013

Scrabble Slam!

SCRABBLE Slam! Card Game

Friday and Saturday nights are typically game nights at our house.   The kids prefer card games, and I prefer spelling games.   I found a wonderful happy medium this past week when I picked up Scrabble Slam!

We have been playing this game non-stop every evening, not just Friday and Saturday!  It’s a really fast paced game where you’re building onto a four letter word (not THAT type of four letter word).  

We started out with the word “that”.


Then there were several minutes of  everyone racing to lay down his or her cards and make a new word, like this:


This is a fast paced, exciting and LOUD game with cards and words changing quickly.   In just a few minutes, Lindsey laid down her last card to claim victory. 

“That” had now morphed into word after word, finally ending with “keen”.


This has been an awesome find for us.  Lindsey, who typically struggles with spelling has been coming up with really good words and winning a lot!  They think it’s all just fun, I dare not tell them it’s educational too.

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