Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Hello September

September in Virginia can be blistering hot, or cool and fall like, and it can change from hour to hour.   Thankfully, this week has been warm, but not humid, perfect for getting outside and enjoying nature together.Lindseys 8th Birthday 081

We didn’t take Labor Day off as a holiday.  School is typically finished before lunchtime, and by us working on lessons it gave my husband time to get the yard mowed and finish a few outside projects.   Then it was on to grilling burgers!

Ballet started back up full force this week.  The girls lessons don’t fall on the same days this year, so we’re at the studio three days a week. 

Lindsey turned 8 on Wednesday.   Birthdays are school holidays here, so we did take the day off and go out and have fun.  We wrapped up our day with dinner out, yum!

Lindseys 8th Birthday 050

History:   This week we covered Vasco DaGama and Pedro Alvarez Cabral.   It’s amazing how many major discoveries of the explorers were “accidents”.    It’s also amazing and saddening to see how many of these “deeply religious” people could be so cruel in the name of their expedition.  DaGama locked 300 Muslim pilgrims in a ships hull and then set it on fire and left them to burn to death, to prove a point.  

We created our own astrolabe’s this week.   Then we learned how to use them.

Lindseys 8th Birthday 042

Math:  Olivia has been steadily plowing through equations.   She’ll have a firm grasp of this concept long before she gets to pre-algebra!   Lindsey has been working on cost estimations.

Language Arts:  Pronouns was our main focus for the week.  The four types of pronouns (personal, demonstrative, interrogative and indefinite) will take a bit to memorize.  Although both girls did really well on their end of week tests.  The word “that” seems to be a major stumbling block for both girls.   Spelling was equally successful.

I guess that’s about all for our week.  Have a great weekend, and hop on over to the Weekly Wrap Up and see what everyone else has been up to.

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