Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Visiting the Optometrist

Since our medical insurance is going up a ridiculously high amount next year (thank you so much Obamacare), we’ve had to make a few adjustments.   Dropping our vision care for next year was one of the cuts we had to make, in addition to dropping down several tiers in our medical insurance as well.   Making the best of the situation, I scheduled appointments for the girls and I to get our eyes checked this week, before the insurance goes away.   I wear glasses, and it’s been a while since I have had a new pair, so it was no surprise that my prescription had changed.  They suggested bifocals, but I find its just easier to take my glasses off to read.  My new glasses should be here in a couple of weeks.

I didn’t think either girls needed glasses, and I was right on that issue.  What I wasn’t expecting was to have the doctor tell me that Lindsey has scarring on her eyeballs from blepharitis (a chronic inflammation of the eyelids) and allergic conjunctivitis in both eyes.   Thankfully the scarring doesn’t affect her vision and now we have her on a maintenance routine that included some pretty high dollar eye drops.  Interestingly enough, she never mentioned her eyes itching until we started her on the new maintenance routine, go figure.

Ballet continues to be our biggest time commitment.  Nutcracker is just a few weeks away and the girls are busy busy busy.  We only have one more week of regular ballet lessons and then it’s full steam ahead with Nutcracker until December 15.

Co-op went better this week.  For the first time all year I had ALL nine students turn in their homework assignments on time.  I just may have done a happy dance.  Next week will be our last co-op meeting of 2013.  WOOHOOO!

In other news school is going well. Nothing major to report truthfully, just plowing through our general studies.

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