Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why Co-op Doesn’t Work For Us

We’ve been on hiatus from our co-op since Thanksgiving.   Let me just say I LOVE not having to go each week, and I’m already dreading next week when we start back.

This is our third year (total) and 2nd attempt at co-op.  As much as I want to like it, I don’t.  We won’t be returning to our current co-op.  There are several things factoring into why I don’t care for co-op.  If you read my blog AND attend the same co-op as me, don’t get bent out of shape on this one, or maybe just stop reading here.  Grins.

Cost:  Between the cost of registration, individual classes per child and the cost of gasoline to get there each week, it’s a budget killer.  I could have spent that money on a really nice, hands on science curriculum.

Academics: I’d heard really good things about our co-op and it’s academic value.   Granted that may be the case in the high school classes, but I’m not seeing it in the elementary group at all.   Lindsey is bored terribly in her classes, and my option would be to bump her from 3rd grade to 5th grade, landing her in Olivia’s classes.  Olivia on the other hand says that the class she’s learning the most in is the one I teach….so why not just teach it at home?

Lost Time: We give up a full day to co-op each week, losing time in our own studies, housework and life.  The return on investment is poor at best and not really justifiable.  Don’t EVEN say it’s good socialization…

Behavior/Attitudes:  Although there are some really nice kids at co-op, I’ve met some of the rudest, most disrespectful children in my life this year.  Temper tantrums at 2 are annoying; temper tantrums in middle school are just ridiculous and an embarrassment to have to watch.

Lack of commitment:  Although I understand that things like sickness and family emergencies come up,  just not showing up, or full filling your duty or doing your class assignments (or requiring your child to DO the class assignments) just doesn’t set well with me.

While I know that some people just LOVE their co-op, (including the one we attend), it’s just not right for us.  I’m just biding my time until the year is over.   What about you?   What’s your feelings on co-ops?

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  1. I had a awful experience with co-op's same for many of the reasons you shared. I agree on all your reasons. We know are apart of a small homeschool group. They do 1 field trip and 1 family theme night monthly and that is it. If you can go great and if not that is okay. I like this. I don't feel pressure. The kids are little more different (in a better way) than at the co-op. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We had the most amazing co-op in Okahoma. When we moved to Missouri, our co-op was exactly what you just described above. We lasted one semester.


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