Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–The New Year

Wasn’t it just a little while ago that the world was in a panic over Y2K?   Now here we are in 2014.   That number just sounds so futuristic, shouldn’t we all be flying around in little space saucers by now?

I spent some time over the holidays looking at what is and isn’t working for us.  I’m looking into ways to make things flow better and looking for ways to strengthen areas I’m seeing weaknesses in.   One of the biggest things was figuring out Why Co-op Doesn’t Work For Us.

Monday and Tuesday were regular school days for us.  I introduced a few new items as well.   We started working with  Reading Detectives and Word Roots Beginning  from The Critical Thinking Company.

Reading Detective® Series

Tuesday evening my brother came over and we had a grand time bringing in the New Year.  We made punch, and snacks and played games until 2am!   Yes, I really did let my kids stay up to 2am. 

New Year’s day was pretty low key.  I’d expected everyone to sleep late, but both kids were up before 10am.  They spent most of their day outside riding their bikes and enjoying the 60 degree weather.

Thursday the temps bottomed out, snow and rain set in and we had wind chills to –15 degrees at night.   Our dog, who is normally an outside dog, was thrilled to come in and lay by the fire.  Despite his cozy sleeping arrangement he’s always the vigilant watch dog and he gave the husband quite a start when they encountered one another unexpectedly during the night.

On Friday, Lindsey finished up another unit in her math booth.  She’s more than halfway through the curriculum for the year.  Both girls finished up their 16th spelling list of the year and we also worked on our Revolutionary War unit study.  We only have two more weeks left in this unit (and then we’re off for another week, grins).

Since this is the first Friday of the month, Olivia has youth group tonight.  She loves her little group and can’t wait to get there.   Lindsey and I will be doing some window shopping while Olivia is at youth.

Next week we start back to all of our activities….piano, ballet, Awana, co-op and we’ll be adding basketball and cheerleading.   Are you back to a full schedule yet, or easing into it slowly?

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  1. We aren't in full swing at all. I pray we have a fully successful week (*wink*) next week. We kind of do a year round school in a way. That is such a blessing for you daughter to have a youth group to fellowship with. We are blessed as well.

    1. This is our first year of year around schooling as well. I'm going with a 6 weeks on, 1 week off schedule, but that may change.

  2. Oh I think we have one of those detective books I never started - a homeschool convention last minute item. I'll have to look for it - thanks!!

    1. Truth be told Stef, I bought the book for Olivia when she was in 3rd grade (she's 5th now) and forgot to use I ordered her another one and passed the other off to Lindsey.


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