Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–The Sunny One

I feel more like a weather reporter than anything these days.  What with all the arctic temperatures, ice storms and blizzard like conditions over the past couple of months I feel like I’m trapped in a snow globe.  However, I’m happy to report that this week we had no snow (well, except for the 18 inches or so that was already on the ground).  In fact we actually had sunny weather, 60 degrees on a couple of days.  Today we are supposed to have severe thunderstorms with the chance of tornados.  How’s that for crazy?

If you would like to see what an entire day is like in our house (because really we’re that exciting), then check out my article One Homeschool Day.

Math:  Olivia finished her remedial fractions unit.  I say remedial because I didn’t feel she had a full grasp of the topic, so I reworked what she had been doing, and had her do it again.  This time I added online videos and it seemed to really help.  I also gave her a test without mentioning the word “test” and she missed getting an A by one point.  Score!   This is the beauty of homeschooling, making sure they know what they are doing before moving on.


Lindsey is learning about perimeter and area.  These are completely new concepts to her, but she seems to be doing ok.


History:  We’re still working on our Westward Expansion Unit.  This week we focused on the War of 1812, the Star Spangled Banner and Daniel Boone.  The girls are really enjoying reading about Daniel’s life, so much so that I’ve had to pick up extra library books for them.

Language Arts:  We finished up our 23rd spelling list, and have almost finished up Word Roots and Reading Detectives.  Reading Detectives has really been a big help, Word Root – not so much.

Olivia spent this week working on her diorama for co-op.  Based on the photo below, do you have any guesses as to what book she’s doing?


Nice weather (or lack of bad weather) meant all of the extra curricula's were back on this week.  Lindsey finally finished up her Awana book.   Spring recital costumes came home from ballet and co-op was back in full swing. 

That’s the condensed version of our week.  I hope your week went well.

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  1. Oh we loved this span of history!! We were able to visit the Star Fort in Baltimore as well. Just love that place!! I also love that about homeschooling. Being able to go over things again and be creative about educating the kiddos. I can't claim to be too creative....but I pull it out when I need to ;-)

    1. History is our favorite subject. We'll be doing the Civil War starting in March and can't wait to start hitting all the battle sites near us. Thanks for stopping by!


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