Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Feeling Hot Hot Hot

It’s official, the sweltering days of summer have arrived in Virginia, even if it is a day or two ahead of the calendar!  The temperatures have already hit triple digits and the humidity is miserable.  None of this kept up from having a great week though.

Saturday the girls took part in a Civil War Camp.  This was followed by their Performing Arts Camp wrap up performance on Sunday afternoon.

Monday we took advantage of our Read to Succeed tickets to Six Flags.  The three hour drive each way was well worth the fun and the fact that this particular Six Flags has a huge waterpark was an added bonus in the heat.



Tuesday we had to get up incredibly early (after a late night getting home Monday), and travel all the way to Charlottesville to take a family member to the UVA Medical Center.   While we waited for the all day appointment to end, we visited the Children’s Museum of Virginia.

Wednesday we went to the local library and signed up for the summer reading program.  They have a children's, and adults program, so I get to earn prizes too!  Then the girls attended a late afternoon birthday party.  This was lots of fun! 

Thursday and Friday I worked on painting our master bedroom.  This wasn’t in my list of things to do this summer, but I bought way too much paint for the living room make over, so I figured I’d just make the best of it.

I also posted a review of a great new middle school writing program by Sharon Watson.  Be sure to read my review if you’re looking for a good, and affordable program for your middle and high schoolers.

The summer if flying by!  June is almost over and we’ve yet to make it to the pool.  Hoping to rectify this issue soon!

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