Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Basketball and Building

What a crazy busy week!   Sunday, Olivia’s youth group held their 5th Annual Mudball Tournament.  That would be volleyball in a big ole mud pit, in the middle of a field.   Looks like fun, no?


Lindsey spent the majority of her week at basketball camp.  Her goal is to make the middle school basketball team at the private school in 2 more years.   Every time they have a basketball camp she has me sign her up.  She’s an amazing guard, especially to be as small as she is.


In Lindsey's spare time she’s been building and crafting.  The first photo shows her latest Lego creation…it’s a grocery scanner.  On the left is the credit card swiper (with a boat oar as a pen), the green of course is the scanner itself and then on the right is the money drawer with a hinged top. 



We don’t have cable, and the kids have been wondering what all the fuss about Duck Dynasty is, so I picked up season one on DVD at the library this week.  Olivia has been laughing her head off while watching the show.  It’s kept her entertained while Lindsey was gone, and while I worked on the kitchen.  I’m making serious progress now folks!  Here’s what the bead board looks like with the first coat of “Peacock Blue” paint.


Pretty bold for a kitchen, eh?

That’s about all we’ve got accomplished this week…painting, basketball and Duck Dynasty.   I’d say it was a success.

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