Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet My Girls

Olivia is my oldest child.  She’s officially “middle school” this year as she heads into 6th grade.  She loves animals, and enjoys music and art as well.  She also enjoys cheerleading.


Olivia’s true  passion is ballet. She is in her 7th year of classical ballet.  She carries herself  totally different when she’s on stage, and it’s a truly beautiful thing to watch.


Lindsey is my 4th grader.   She has the most vivid imagination of any child I’ve ever been around.  She loves building with Lego’s and is  in her 6th year of classical ballet.


Although Lindsey is naturally gifted where ballet is concerned, her passion is basketball.   She attends every basketball clinic I can find for her, and her goal is to make the middle school girls basketball team at our local private school.


Interestingly enough, the basketball and cheer photos were taken the day before the ballet photos.  It’s amazing how different a person can appear, just by the outfit and a little make up.  Regardless of any of that, they are mine and I’m so proud of each one of my girls!

Check out everyone else’s back to school photos, at Student Photo Week.

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