Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Homeschool Day–Back to School Edition

School is back in full swing and I decided to share our first day back to school (August 18) with you.  Act excited, wink.

4:00am, the husband gets up to get ready for work.  His lunch and breakfast were prepared the night before, so all he has to do is remember to eat the breakfast and take the lunch.   At 4:00am, this can be harder than it sounds.  I roll back over and sleep another couple of hours (score!).

8:00am, I’m up showered, dressed and waiting for the beloved coffee pot to do it’s thing.


Coffee in hand, I meander out to the sun porch to spend time in the scriptures.


8:30am The kids are awake and have had their morning milk, it has the same affect on them as my morning coffee does on me.  Then they  both get dressed and ready for the day.  Olivia feeds the dog, while Lindsey tends to her morning trash detail.   I work on sorting the laundry, again…it’s job security I tell you.


Time for school work to start!  I just love my cute new classroom clock, so you’ll see it throughout the rest of the post, grins.


We took our “first day of school” photos, complete with gratuitous fake smiles.


We then worked on getting the girls familiar with their new student planners and got them filled in for the upcoming week.  Friday afternoon they will update their calendar for the next week.


Olivia started working on her writing, while I went over Lindsey’s language arts with her.   You can tell she was deeply in thought on this one (and that wasn’t a posed photo, she really had that look on her face while looking up words in the dictionary).


Somewhere around here, I swapped out a load of laundry.  By the time I was back Olivia was ready to start on her language arts.  Both girls are REALLY liking Learning Language Arts Through Literature so far.  By the time I had Olivia started on LA, Lindsey was ready to start math.  Finishing up math led her into her handwriting, and Olivia of course did her math after LA.

Lunch break!


The girls fixed their lunches while I swapped out another load of laundry.  Then I fried myself of couple of eggs and added some fresh tomatoes out of the garden.   This was a super yummy lunch for me!


11:30am (I forgot to photograph the clock, tsk tsk) we were ready to dive into our chemistry & physics.   We read our textbook, and a couple of extra library books on matter.   Then we worked on our first experiment of the year. 

If you look closely at the bud vase below, you’ll see a blue marker line.  This showed where the water level was before we inserted the rock (the white lump in the bottom).   We were learning about the displacement of matter when another object is introduced to the matter.


I did find it a bit disconcerting at this point when I heard the 8 year old say “So when do we get to blow up stuff?”

Schools out!


With our academics out of the way for the day, Olivia went to work on her piano DVD curriculum.  She’s learning to play “Let It Be” of Beatles fame.


Lindsey curled up in her room to read, waiting for her turn at the piano.  (I’m still folding laundry folks.)


3:30pm Time to head out to ballet.  The girls have lessons for an hour every day this week and next..


5:15pm We’re back home from ballet and I’m ready to make dinner out of these lovely acorn squashes from our garden.  


At this point I totally forgot to take photos for the rest of the evening.  I washed and cleaned the seeds from the squash and then sliced them into fry size pieces, drizzled olive oil over the fries and then put a heavy sprinkling of parmesan cheese and garlic powder on as well.  Baked this at 425 for about 30 minutes will I fried up some chicken breast tenders (rolled those in nutritional yeast and used coconut oil to fry).   This was a really yummy, filling meal!

By the time dinner was over and the kitchen was cleaned up it was close to 7pm.   The husband who had worked until 5:30pm, took a shower and collapsed on the sofa with the newspaper.   The girls played Little House on the Prairie and I sat down with my new book “The Storm Inside” by Sheila Walsh. 

Around 8:30pm the girls and the husband all headed to bed.  I sat up for another couple of hours reading and listening to a Joyce Meyer CD.  I’m so glad I found all my teaching CD’s when I rearranged the house.  I’ve missed Joyce’s in your face teaching.

Somewhere around 11pm I went to bed.  Only 5 hours until the alarm clock goes off…gah!

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  1. The clock pictures made me smile because I do the same thing - I take pictures of the clock through the day so when I sit down to write the One Homeschool Day post I know what happened when. ;) What a great first day back! I love getting into the new books and hearing the kids' thoughts - though chemistry has me worried. Mine watch a bit too much Mythbusters and will want lots of explosions...LOL. Have a wonderful year!

  2. What a great day. My girl can't wait for ballet to start again in just a few days.
    Blessings, Dawn


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