Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - SUCCESS!

This was our first week back to school and it was a HUGE success!  You can read about, and see photos of our first day by going here.  The girls and I are so happy with our new curriculum choices!   Rumor has it this year is 400 times better than last year, grins!

The girls have had ballet class ever day at 4pm.  This has been an intensive week of conditioning for them.  I’ve had them tell me what exercises and stretches they are doing, and I’ve written them down on index cards to incorporate into our day.


Our scheduled of M/W for science and T/Th for history is working well.   In history we’ve started a unit study on the wild west.  In science we’ve been learning about matter and worked on a few fun experiments.


Thursday as we left ballet, there was this cute little flower arrangement sitting on the sidewalk in front of our van.  The little card said “The Lonely Bouquet – Adopt Me Please.  I’m alone and looking for a new home…perhaps I can live with you or a loved one?”   It was the absolute sweetest part of our day.


Friday is our short day.   We still doing math and L.A., but then we study poetry and art. Our artist this week was Robert Browning.  He’s not the easiest poet to read and understand, so in hindsight, I with I’d picked someone else. 

In art, we read about the life of James Audubon and studied some of his bird paintings, and then worked on our own little birdies with chalk pastels.  They need work, but it was fun.


Once art was completed, we had our first Friday afternoon tea of the new school year.  We discussed our school week and whatever else came up during conversation.   It was a lovely afternoon.


I hope you all had a great week, and can’t wait to share with you again next week.

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  1. I love the chalk pastel birds!

    1. The great thing about those little birds, is that Lindsey was so disappointed in her bird (the overweight one)....and Olivia kept telling her how cute she thought it was. So, even if the art work wasn't the best, it seemed to spark Olivia's encouraging words, which was nice!

  2. Josette! You won the $25 Amazon gift card for linking with Collage Friday last week!

    Can you email me at mary.prather at homegrownlearners dot com with your best email address so I can send you your gift card?



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