Monday, September 29, 2014

Tea Time With Emily Dickinson

015This week we learned about Emily Dickinson.   The girls really enjoyed a lot of her short poems about nature.  We discussed her apparent infatuation with bees as so many of her poems contain bees.  I took this photo in my garden prior to our tea.  The butterfly is easy to spot, but there are a few bees in there too, grins.


The girls were saddened to read about Emily becoming a recluse as she aged.   I wonder if she suffered from depression, or perhaps even schizophrenia?  But it was lovely to read about her lowering a basket of fresh baked gingerbread cookies down from her window to the children playing outside.


This is one of my favorite teacups.  I’ve had it for 20 years or more.  There’s no match saucer, but I just love it.   It’s not fancy like the others in my collection, but it just seems to be homey and inviting.


Do you have a favorite cup or mug for warm drinks?

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